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About Us



Hello! I’m Kim

Owner of First Date Beauty


Hello gorgeous!

I’m Kim Hong, owner of 1st Date Beauty. It is my sole mission in life to help other women achieve effortless beauty so they can feel their most empowered, confident and fierce selves. I have worked in the beauty industry for about a decade and love what I do.

I take great pride in my work so I care awhole lot about your face and your results. My work is not done until I am proud and my customers are happy!


Hello! I’m Sara

Nail, Brows, and Lashes Specialist


Hi there! I’m Sara Kim.

I was born in Cambodia although I was raised in Connecticut and moved to Jacksonville 14 years ago. I specialized in nails, brows, and lashes. I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years and I absolutely love what I do! I understand the importance of feeling good about yourself and the difference that beauty can make. I hope to help women radiate confidence through the work I do. Can’t wait to meet you here at First Date Beauty!!!


Hello! I’m Anthony

Lash and Nail Artist


Hi my name is Anthony!

I’m a lash and nail artist at First Date Beauty. I have been doing lashes and nails for about a year now. I love to make my clients look and feel their best, either by making some bomb lash sets or stunning nails. It always make me happy that you are happy too! How I started was actually in spur of the moment. I was rolling through Instagram when I saw a lash artist doing lashes, that sparks my interest. I asked my cousin Kim that works at FDB to train me and now I am what I am today! So you’ll see me around the salon killing the lash and nail game, making funny videos, or help clients choosing their nail colors.


Hello! I’m Sarita

Nail Artist


Hey everyone! My name is Sarita,

I started doing nails during quarantine and it’s been almost 2 years now! I was born in Jacksonville and when I was a few months old my parents an I moved to Spain to be with the rest of my family, I moved back right before starting middle school and I lived here with my parents. When I started doing nails I would go to peoples houses since I didn’t have a salon or anywhere consistent to work from so I decided to make things easier and be mobile! It’s funny to think how I started vs where I am now; working in such an uplifting and motivating environment. I look forward to getting to know you all!


Hello! I’m Dev

Nail Artist

Hi guys !

Im Dev and my passion for nails started when i was in my sophomore year of high school. At first i was very scared so i decided to put my nail career on the back burner. Then two years ago I did a set for my friend out of boredom and it changed my mind completely. Now nothing makes me happier than making sure everyone feels as beautiful as possible with their fresh set of nails !


Hello! I’m Veronica

Makeup and Tattoo Artist

Hello everyone!

My name is Veronica Dominguez I am a licensed makeup artist and licensed tattoo artist. My goal is to make you feel the most beautiful and to enhance your features. I dedicate my time to my clients and want you to leave with a smile on your face. I have always had a passion with doing makeup so I made it into career. And I haven’t been happier. Seeing the reaction of my clients is the reason why I continue to work hard. I have also recently got licensed for permanent makeup. Eyebrows has become something I want to perfect and I have had an amazing mentor and teacher along the way who is Kim the owner! I’m forever grateful for her and all she has done for me. I remember being in high school seeing First Date Beauty have their grand opening. My best friend introduced me to this wonderful team and always told me that she saw me working here. Who would have thought that a 17 year old girl, years later would be accomplishing that dream. I was also born in Jacksonville Fl, but I am mixed with Colombian and Puerto Rican! También hablo español. I can’t wait to start this journey with you all. Thank you for everyone that will be apart of it. Much love 🤍