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Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing thin or non-existent eyebrows?

  • Are you tired of spending so much money, time, and effort trying to get the perfect look, but not being able to achieve it?


  • Have your eyebrows been thinned out because of hormones, having babies, or over-tweezing? Maybe you didn’t have strong brows, to begin within the first place?


  • Do you ever wonder how you can gain this confidence you seek for?

Wake up with perfect brows with Brows Shading!

Hi, I’m Kim! Owner, of First Date Brows.
I have over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry with 3 years of specialization in eyebrows.

Meet Kim

Why I do what I do

As a teenager, thin brows were the thing. So, I did what most girls did at the time. I tweezed them until they were barely visible. My eyebrows never grew back.When I work out, I sweat like crazy and there was no way any makeup could last through it. And my face looked like it was melting. Though I tried not to look at myself, I just wanted to cry.

I watched over 1000 YouTube videos trying to figure out how to draw them and spent so much money on buying expensive brow products. But no matter how hard I tried, I could never get the natural symmetry for my brows. Then I did my research…Brow shading was my solution! Afterward, I made my appointment for January 2nd, a new year’s present to myself.

Later, after the procedure, my eyebrows came out perfect and looked natural. I could not believe that it was painless. It was the best money I ever spent, the best day of my life. I didn’t look sad anymore and didn’t fight back the tears when I caught my reflection in the dance studio mirror.

I recognized whom I saw, thus, became more confident and proud.

So I decided to get permanent makeup certification as a brow specialist. I took my first brow specialist class

in Orlando Florida, Microblading. After learning the bases of permanent makeup including the fundamentals of human face structure. I decided to go to Houston, Texas to attend The Master Brow class.

Finishing the course, Advanced Microblading, gave me great insight into the profession. I have done hundreds of brows and have helped so many women feel beautiful and confident.

This is why I LOVE what I do!

“I believe that Beauty creates Confidence and Confidence can conquer the world!”


What is Ombré shading and how does it work?

What is Ombré shading?

Ombre shading is a semi-permanent eyebrows procedure that uses a tiny needle to place tiny dots of pigmentations to the dermis layer of your skin. It provides an asymmetrical shape for your eyebrows with a soft natural look. The 3 hours procedure is done with little pain and lasts up to 3 years!

Yes, you read that right! There is LITTLE PAIN indeed.

Is there a healing period?

Cosmetic Tattooing takes 5-8 weeks to completely heal. During this time, you should avoid sun exposure, excessive sweating, heat, and swimming. Keep this in mind when scheduling social events like weddings or vacations, so that you don’t compromise your tattoo.

Which artist should you trust?

It is a semi-permanent makeup that goes on your face. So please do your research as you’ll only want to trust a professional with requisite EXPERIENCE and set of SKILLS.

What will happen if the artist makes a mistake?

I have many clients who come to me with substandard brows treatment from other artists, and sometimes there is too much damage that I can’t help.

I came across an old school tattoo style, they would make a thin line on the eyebrows and the color usually turns gray, green and sometimes even red.

At First Date Brows, I only use the shades that compliment your skin color. Thus, all colors are custom made for you. And I don’t use brow stencil to shape your brows!

My shapes are customized to fit your face structure.

With years of experience under my belt, the success rate is 100%.

Rest assured, you are my customer and I will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What is the difference between a cosmetic tattoo and a body tattoo?

Unlike a cosmetic tattoo, body tattoo ink is implanted into the subcutaneous tissue. This is the fat layer that lies under the skin, making the tattoo permanent.

Cosmetic tattoo pigment is implanted into the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin. This means the cosmetic tattoo can’t last longer than 5 years.

How safe is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is very safe, especially in the hands of a skilled person. The Center of Disease Control has not reported any incidence of HIV in connection to tattooing nor has there been any increase of Hepatitis B in recent years.

What is your sterilization/sanitation process?
  • All needles and hand tools are single-use. They come in a sterilized package. They are disposed of after each client.
  • All materials used in the procedure like gauze, cotton swabs are also single-use and disposed of after each client.
  • Our cosmetic tattoo artists wear gloves and masks during the procedure and are disposed of after each client.
  • All stations are thoroughly disinfected after each client.

Let’s Hear Our Client Reviews

Kim is the best in Jacksonville!

“Kim is the best in Jacksonville! I have been struggling with my brows for many years. I hate drawing them every morning. It always took too long and they faded away, after running around meeting clients. A friend of mine referred me to Kim a year ago. Not only, she is a perfectionist at her craft, but she is such a caring person as well. Once you meet her, you would even trust her with your life.”

– Erica

Kim is the BOMB!

“Kim is the BOMB! I would recommend her to everyone. She is a perfectionist. I have struggled with my uneven brows for years and would never trust anyone but KIM. Let me tell you that no one freaked out more than me with this process, but it was very comfortable. And no pain as well ladies.” 

– Tori

Go see Kim at First Date Beauty

“Kim did my brows 3 weeks ago and I am obsessed with them. She is very professional and a perfectionist at what she does. If you are sick and tired of drawing your eyebrows as I was, please do yourself a favor. Go see Kim.”

– Sasha

4 Reasons to book with us today!

Time Saver

When you wake up in the morning, there is no need to draw your eyebrows. Wake up to make up!


Whether you are working out at the gym or in the hot humid Florida weather or swimming, your eyebrows will stay perfect 24/7.

Save Money

Eyebrow products can be extremely expensive. But you won’t need them anymore. Moreover, your one time treatment at First Date Brows will be cheaper than 3 years of buying products to maintain your look.

Feel Confident

You’ll walk out the door knowing your eyebrows are perfect. There is no need to check yourself in the mirror. Though you can, just to see how amazing you look.

What Our Client’s Say About Us!

Healed Results

I want to walk you through the Ombre shading procedure step by step:

Step 1. Consultation Appointment. During the appointment, I will examine your eyebrows and discuss the look you desire. 

 I will explain in detail the steps of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 2. Your Initial Appointment. I will pencil your eyebrows. 

 I will use a sticky ruler and a tape measure to achieve the symmetrical shape for your face structure.  

After we both agree with the shape and color, I will outline the eyebrows.

Then I will apply Pre-numb cream (medically approved) for your comfort. After 10 minutes, your skin should be numb and you won’t feel a thing.

Accordingly, I will start the tattooing, for which numbing cream will be further used as per the requirement throughout the procedure.

Step 3: Your 4 Weeks Touch-Up Appointment. During this appointment, I will adjust any imperfection if any. As sometimes the ink does not stay and this is when I will fill those spots.

The procedure has little to no pain!

Ombre Brows is
for you if…

  • You want specific brows
  • You hate wasting your valuable time to draw/pencil your eyebrows.
  • You do not want to spend money on eyebrow make-up.
  • You exhibit lack of confidence.

Ombre Brows is
not for you if…

  • You already love your eyebrows.
  • You have diabetes.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are on blood thinning medicine.
  • You have AID/HIV.
  • You have a thyroid problem.
  • You are not committed to following the aftercare instructions.

Book Now!
and enjoy the benefits of Ombre Shading

  • Consultation Appointment: $50
  • Initial Appointment (Procedure): $450
  • Touch Up Appointment: $150

 Total Cost: (650) 397 

Due to inflation things are expensive and funds can be tight.your beauty budget is usually the first to take the hit when you’re watching your finances , that’s why I decided to give you a huge discount!

Now you will walk out with your dream eyebrows for only:



FREE consultation appointment (value $50)

FREE 4 weeks touch up appointment (value $150)

FREE 1 year of brow waxing (value $216)

Act soon! The spots are filling up fast. Book your appointment now, so you can start enjoying the benefits of Ombre-shading.

Before and After

Note: *Brows will heal about 50% lighter. Brows will look natural less solid.